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The Breakers

With straps to AR-15s slung over their shoulders, two New Jersey State Troopers warmed their gloved hands over barrel fires in the sand-covered median of Route 35 in Toms River, approximately 100 yards from the Tunney-Mathis Bridge that extends over the Barnegat Bay and into Seaside Heights. The two barrels, with orange flames and burnt-out holes in the sides, looked like jack-o-lanterns, dark smoke rising into the cold November morning. Continue reading The Breakers

An Interview with Hala Alyan

Hala Alyan is participating in the Emerging Writers Festival this week at the University of San Francisco, giving a reading on the 24th and participating in a writers panel on the 25th. Her first book,Atrium, won the 2013 Arab American Book Award in Poetry, and her second poetry collection, Four Cities, will be published by Black Lawrence Press later this year. Her third collection, Hijra, recently won the Crab Orchard Series in Poetry contest and will be published in the fall of 2016. She resides in New York where she is finishing post-doctoral training in the field of clinical psychology. Continue reading An Interview with Hala Alyan

A Little Lumpen Novelita and its Place in the Bolañoverse

Love him or loathe him, you’ve probably at least heard of Roberto Bolaño. The Chilean author’s work exploded in the 2000s, managing to overcome even American readers’ supposed indifference toward works in translation. With his last complete novel, the sprawling 2666—published in 2004, the year after his death—Bolaño secured his place alongside Jorge Luis Borges and Gabriel García Márquez as one of the great Latin American writers of the last century. Fast forward a few years, to 2014: as the Bolaño craze starts to fade away, out comes A Little Lumpen Novelita, a skinny translation that reminds us Bolaño is still very much a part of the literary scene.

Continue reading A Little Lumpen Novelita and its Place in the Bolañoverse