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The Boy Under Construction

We were loggers, standing on a two-ton pipe at a deserted construction site, doing a little hop dance for all the world to see. Nobody saw but the front-end loader, the Bobcat, and a Port-A-Potty weighed down with bags of mixing cement. No matter. Roy was the best—he could log that pipe all day, shuffling his bare feet nonstop, long after I sat down, gripping my sides, heaving from the effort. Continue reading The Boy Under Construction

Scorpion vs. Black Widow

The scorpion and black widow are in a glass jar; the jar is on your phone screen; the phone is in your hand. This video just arrived via text message via Trevor. You press play.

The scene unfolds: for a moment they remain calm, seemingly ambivalent, as if they’re unaware only one will survive. On opposite ends of the jar, the scorpion and black widow begin marching into the glass wall, trying to shove through to the other side, but as they trudge on, their legs slide and flail on the slick floor like roller skates on a treadmill. They’re stuck. Going nowhere. Continue reading Scorpion vs. Black Widow